Cours Intermédiaires

De Septembre 2013 à Juin 2014,

Cours "Intermédiaires" chaque mardi (hors vacances scolaires)

au Centre Culturel René d'Anjou de Baugé de 20H45 à 22H15





SAISON 2013 - 2014

Add'em up
All you need
Amazing grace
American soldier
An absolute dream
Askin' questions
Bad things
Bandido's last ride
Big love in town
Blarney roses (the)
Boys & girls
Cabo san Lucas
Celtic CT
Celtic slide
Chippin' away
Cindy lou two step
City of New Orleans
Colorado girl
Cooley's reel
Cotton pickin' morning
Country as can be
Cut a rug
Disappearing tail lights
Doctor doctor
Don't rush
Everybody knows
Galways girl
Ghost train
Goodbye Monday
Green grass
Gypsy rosa li
Hooked on country
Irish stew
Just chillaxin
Kangaroo hide
Live laugh love
Mary mary
Mean polka
Messed up in Memphis
Never ever
Old dan tucker
Pot of gold
Rhyme or reason
Rock'n roll is king
Rodeo princess
Roll in the hay
Skiffle time
Smiling song
Something in the water
Stealing the best
Sticks and stones
Summer fly
Talk is cheap
Thanks a lot
Tell me ma
Twist & shake
Two boys
Wagon wheel rock
Wayfaring Stranger
Whiskey's gone
White rose
Wild stallion
Wishful thinking
World (the)

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